Honky-Tonk Friday (sort of) – Carolyn Mark (Mint Records, July 3)(Plus The Corn Sisters feat. Neko Case)

I don’t think Carolyn Mark would want to be part of some honky-tonk feature. Her music jumps around to so many other country sub-genre’s that the term honky-tonk would be too restrictive for her. But for the sake of continuity and to keep this weekly theme post going that’s where I’m going to put her. Carolyn is a West Coast (Canadian) goddess of roots music, she prefers to be called “lovely and talented” by the press but I don’t think she’ll quibble with goddess.

Carolyn is a pivotal part of the West Coast’s alt-country scene. She has performed in groups with Neko Case (The Corn Sisters), with the Sadies, and has been on tour with or opened up for too many luminaries to mention. Her recording career is going just fine, thank you very much, with a new record out on Mint Records right now. Unfortunately, despite being a fixture at every saloon, roadhouse and 300 seat opera house up North, it’s been tough for her to break into the American touring racket. Hopefully that’ll change when Nothing Is Free gets a US release this fall. “The 1 That Got Away (With It)” has just the right amount of reverb and sustain on Carolyn’s vocals to give it that old country (opry) sound. And lyrically the song is in right in line with the hundreds of cheating, lying, and thieving songs that make up the genre’s oeuvre. In other word it’s a classic. Buy Nothing Is Free here now or be lame and wait until the fall when it’s released in the States.

The 1 That Got Away (With It) [Download]

Bonus song by The Corn Sisters (Carolyn Mark with Neko Case):

Oh These Troubled Times [Download]

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  1. Kevin says:

    The Corn Sisters song plays like Alvin and the Chipmunks. Is that on purpose?