New song from Nana Grizol (Orange Twin Records, sometime in 2007)

Some time in 2007 Orange Twin has promised (threatened) to release the debut record by the indie pop, anti-folk group Nana Grizol. The band has upwards of seven members and plays instruments as eclectic as the glockenspiel, trumpet, clarinet, and guitar. Their tour schedule is full of basement shows, house parties, and underground clubs. It’s also full of question marks in dozens of markets, so if you live in a town or city somewhere in the world and want to put on a show give these guys/gals a holler.

“Tambourine In Time” refers to how and why the lead singer’s heart beats like a tambourine that plays along in time. The line “we ignore those body parts that get so wet and get so hard and focus on our beating hearts” from “Tamborine In Time” is like the epitome of lyrics in the twee scene and very nicely put.

Tambourine In Time [Download]

Stripped down (just Theo Hilton) Nana Grizol in Bloomington, Indiana


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  1. Matt says:

    Hi, Craig, just want to tell you that you’re blog is world-famous here in my flat in Hamburg/Germany …

    The music you chose is so inspiring, and I wouldn’t have any other chance to dig these artists.

    Great work, thank you so much.