Brother JT (from the Original sins) (Birdman Records, Aug. 21)

Brother JT records for Birdman Records and as proof that the label and the bands on the label don’t play the mp3 blog game Brother Jt does not show up on any blog post by any blog listed on either Elbows or Hype Machine (aside from a list of new releases generated by Hear Ya). Don’t get me wrong all the blogs you know and love probably do love all the music they’re spoon fed by the labels, promoters, and bands; but that doesn’t make it alright. I’ve watched a bunch of notable blogs go from being discoverers of great new music to the tools of the indie music industry. And industry it is; big business too if you look at first week sales figures of popular pr pushed blog bands you’ll see what I mean.

But a song like “Warm’s The New Cool” from the new Third Ear Candy is lost in the shuffle because Birdman is either too busy to hire all the indie pr talent necessary to break through the noise or either too poor to bother (or some combination of the two). In fact, when I was thinking about who/what to compare this song too I was going to say Ben Lee, but it would be have to be the Ben Lee of old because from first and second listens the new Ben Lee is a a big disappointment.

Either way I suspect this will get the same reaction as my last rant about Brother JT and the demise of indie rock; which was no reaction, but I do hope you like this song and pick up this August release direct from Birdman here. And check out all the other great garage rock from Brother JT’s other band – the seminal and unforgettable Original Sins.

Warm’s The New Cool [Download]

Truly-demented, backwards-tracking, psychedelic lead-off track from Third Ear Candy

I Am The Blob [Download]


2 Responses to “Brother JT (from the Original sins) (Birdman Records, Aug. 21)”

  1. Jim H says:

    I did a post on the Original Sins a ways back… but I do agree that promos corrupt the game and those that don’t play the game get ig’ed. You gotta go out and find sources – mostly mp3/myspace – demo upload sites, etc. if you gots the time. So good one, Craig.

  2. Craig says:

    i know I saw that post :)