Ha Ha Tonka (formerly Amsterband) – "Buckle In the Bible Belt" (Bloodshot Records, Sept. 11)

Ha Ha Tonka is Amersterband renamed. The band is re-releasing their 2006 self-released record this September 11 on Bloodshot. Seems like there is a slight trend at the ol’ Bloodshot homestead lately away from alt-country by-the-numbers and towards some kind of heartland meets southern rock thang. I could be wrong about that, although it wouldn’t surprise me if these new breed of Bloodshot bands with a little more rock edge sell through better and cross over to the indie rock kids more than the twangy bands of the label’s youth.

As I continue to listen to “St. Nick On the Fourth In A Fervor” from Buckle In the Bible Belt, I’m also struck with how the band successsfully combines punk rock energy, heartland rock and Gospel fervor. It’s an impresssive feat made all the more so by some of the issues the song tackles.

St. Nick On The Fourth In A Fervor [Download]

Bonus song

Caney Mountain [Download]


2 Responses to “Ha Ha Tonka (formerly Amsterband) – "Buckle In the Bible Belt" (Bloodshot Records, Sept. 11)”

  1. MessengerBoy says:

    I wonder how they came up with the name “Ha Ha Tonka.” There is a Ha Ha Tonka State Park in Central Missouri. The Ha Ha Tonka spring is one of the most beautiful and haunting natural locations in the state.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes, their new name is Ha Ha Tonka after the state park @ Lake of the Ozarks.