Honky-Tonk Friday – "Underage Pussyhounds" by Jimmy Krewson of Jim And Jennie and The Pinetops fame (plus a sympathetic song for Sen. Larry Craig)

The last time I heard such glorious country music may have been back when I first heard 2005′s Rivers Roll On by Jim and Jennie and The Pinetops (Neko Case’s occasional backing band) on Bloodshot. So it should come as no surprise that I kind of freaked out when I heard these demos from the Jim of Jim and Jennie fame (Jimmy Krewson).

Jimmy Krewson has announced on Myspace that he is prepping his solo debut. These seem like well-produced demo’s, if not the final product. The songs below are real country songs like ones you may not have heard since some f’ed up early Waylon Jennings or Johnny Cash. The polished songs sound a little like the hardcore country records Robbie Fulks has been putting out of late (with much more ironic and bitter lyrics however) and the duet, “The Minivan Song”, sounds like the classic Bakersfield country of the 60′s.

Ironically “Underage Pussyhounds” is not the most outrageous new song from Jimmy Krewson. That honor probably goes to “This One’s On Me”. But each song below has a little bit of twisted novelty, mixed with a little bit of sad, pitiful truth. As I referred to in the title of this post, “This One’s On Me” goes out to embattled Republican Sen. Larry Craig. The gist of the first part of the song is that a straight male hitchhiker agrees to oral sex with a trucker that has pulled over and picked him up. This is pure pity sex and is the result of some bad feelings after the breakup of the hitcher’s last hetero relationship. I gotta imagine this is the first such story line in a country song. And had Sen. Larry Craig not just attempted something remarkably similar I would have said that the song was unrealistic and not possible. But life is stranger than fiction.

“The Minivan Song” is an ode to a “two-timing hippie and a bow-legged stripper” workin‘ a two bit con out of a minivan. They stay in sleazy hotels and raise cain at the local Applebee’s. The best line, in a song full of great lines, comes right at the end when the Jim sings, “we’re just a two-timing hippie and a bow-legged, bleached-blond, pock-marked, saggy-titty, bow-legged stripper in a minivan.”

And besides the obvious meaning of the title to the song “Underage Pussyhounds“, I’m at a bit of a loss as to what’s happening in that song, but it can’t be good.

I try hard to avoid hyperbolic music blogger bullshit. You know the kind where each new day brings a new favorite band, but with that said this has got to the best unreleased hardcore country record of the year, I can’t think of one better and that’s just based on these three songs alone. Enjoy these three and look out for a new record from Jimmy Krewson in the not so distant future.

The Minivan SongThis One’s On MeUnderage Pussyhounds [Download]

Jim And Jennie And The Pinetops

Mount St. Helens [Download]

On tour with Jim and Jennie and The Pinetops (with guest appearance by Neko Case)


One Response to “Honky-Tonk Friday – "Underage Pussyhounds" by Jimmy Krewson of Jim And Jennie and The Pinetops fame (plus a sympathetic song for Sen. Larry Craig)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Minivan may be the best song I have heard in a year, or maybe ever. The girls voice is delightfully strung out. You just know that they left an ashtray full of lipstick-stained virginia slims after that session! Looking forward to the record.
    -Bob Kuhn from Dick Smith