Kane Welch Kaplin (Compass Records, September 11)

Kelly From Compass Records emailed me the new Kane Welch Kaplin record in four sections, attaching all the songs, taking up I don’t know how many megabytes. I feel bad for making her upload all that, since I only needed to hear the fist strum of “Red Light Blinking” to know that was the song I would be writing about and linking to today.

Kieran Kane and Kevin Welch have been a force in the Americana community for years, both before and after they formed a label co-op called Dead Reckoning. These Nashville outsiders are great songwriters and talented musicians, when they’re joined by multi-instrumentalist Fats Kaplin (and Kieran’s son Lucas) you get a verifiable roots music super group. On the whole, the songs from the new self-titled disc sound sparser and more full of echo and reverb than their prior outings. These remind me more of some of the solo work of Bill Frissell or even the recent solo work by Bruce Springsteen. Kieran Kane admits to as much on the Dead Reckoning website when he says: “I think the record sounds more austere and a little darker, maybe kind of reflective, looking back on things, life.”

“Red Light Blinking” is one of the saddest and most austere road warrior songs you’ll ever here. Using a modicum of images this song gets at the root of the loneliness and life on the road for the traveling musician better than countless other similar songs.

You can pre-order this September 11 release now here through Compass Records.

Red Light Blinking [Download]

“Something About You” w/Kane Welch Kaplin


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I bought this album this week. I too feel all the loneliness and emptiness in Red Light Blinking. Last Lost Highway is also a beatiful song that is almost painful to listen to. Then contrasted with the driving beat of DarkBoogie #7 it really shows off what these guys can do. Definitely worth getting.