Nyles Lannon’s "Pressure" (Badman Recording Co., Sept. 18)

(Editor’s Note: I’m going to be away, with I suspect spotty internet (the wilds of NH), for the next week or so. I’m going to try to post every day or so (just cause I’m crazy). But I may miss a day or three and the posts themselves my be abbreviated. But the music I have lined up for the week is cool so stay tuned and be patient.)

N. Lannon’s new record, Pressure, is out on Badman Recording Co. on Sept. 18. I thought this ex Film School leader’s new song would be all over the internet by now by I can’t find it linked anywhere else. So while I’m no a big fan of the subgenre known as folktronica I still thought I’d share this. This semi-electronic, distorted vocal and muffled guitar track would have been perfect for a film like Donnie Darko.

You’ll be able to buy Pressure directly from Badman soon here.

Did I Lose YouNext Obsession [Download]

From 2006′s Chemical Friends on Badman:

Hollow HeartDemons [Download]

Bonus songs from his debut Astronomy For Children:

4 Little FiresSpoke Words [Download]


One Response to “Nyles Lannon’s "Pressure" (Badman Recording Co., Sept. 18)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Craig, I’m glad someone is giving him some publicity. Chemical Friends was/is an incredibly good, beautiful album. Probably my most listened to album in quite a while.

    One small note…4 Little Fires and Spoke Words are from his n.Ln project, which is all electronic.