Ryan Anderson – "The Garden Path" (Happy Happy Birthday To Me, Sept. 11) plus another song off of Chuck Prophet’s new record "Soap and Water"

Ryan Anderson creates characters that inhabit his songs. In this way he reminds me of Sonny Smith (produced by Chuck Prophet). On The Garden Path, each Ryan Anderson song is a story unto itself so it’s not always the easiest of a listen. Compounding that, his new record is on Happy Happy Birthday To Me – an excellent label – but not one known for the sound quality of it’s releases. The sound of this release, along with Ryan’s stream of consciousness songs, lends a certain anti-folk quality to this session.

On “Railroad Killer Stamp” Ryan Anderson sings from the perspective of a mass murderer on the lam. He turns what could be a pretty dour topic into a gospel-tent, rivival-style, sing along. Pre-order this September release here.

Railroad Killer Stamp [Download]


So you were probably wondering why I metioned Chuck Prophet in the post above. Well there’s reason to my madness and here’s how it ties all together. I’ve got another song from the upcoming Chuck Prophet record (courtesy of Jenny over at Yep Roc). It’s “All Over You” from his Oct 2 release Soap And Water (pre-order here)

All Over You [Download]


One Response to “Ryan Anderson – "The Garden Path" (Happy Happy Birthday To Me, Sept. 11) plus another song off of Chuck Prophet’s new record "Soap and Water"”

  1. chris9x6 says:

    i am really really digging on ryan anderson’s the garden path. oh virginia, hospital bed, the gale and uprooted are my immediate favorites which all have the dramatic storytelling of someone like tom waits but with a more home-y delivery, like sitting on your front porch. each time i think i have my favorite songs locked down another will surprise me with some gorgeous moment. i like ryan’s voice, and can see what some people have said about the “everyman” thing, its got that element to it but also has moments that are so sincere and well sung. the songs on garden path might be percieved by some people as intense, but to me they just feel very simple and real and tell stories that are very humane. maybe it’s ’cause of my own sister, but the brother/sister relationship in oh virginia totally kills me… and who has ever written a song like that before? its fucked up and totally one of a kind which is why i like it. not at all your standard singer/songwriter. the garden path denotes all the great musicians that came before him but ryan isn’t trying to sound like any of them, hes just making simple music about people we all might know. his songs are all twisted, but in a way that reminds us that twisted is commonplace. this stuff makes me happy.