YouTube Saturday – "Bird On A Wire"

Usually I pick one artist for YouTube Saturday and then select the best YouTube videos available to share with you. But today as a change of pace I’m going to select one song and select the best versions of it by artists that fit the Songs:Illinois aesthetic.

Of course no version of “Bird On A Wire” can compete with the author’s (although this one by The Neville Brothers comes pretty close) so first we’ll see a couple performances by the great Leonard Cohen.

Johnny Cash “Bird On a Wire”

Kd Lang “Bird On A Wire”

Judy Colllins “Bird On a Wire”

The Lilac Time “Bird On A Wire


One Response to “YouTube Saturday – "Bird On A Wire"”

  1. Michalle says:

    There is a version by Dave von Ronk that you can download off itunes that is breathtaking. He’s practically howling at one point.