Caroline Herring – "Lantana" (Signature Sounds, Feb. `08)

Caroline Herring is an acclaimed singer-songwriter from Austin whose music is informed by the great Southern literary tradition, combined with the early gothic country sounds of the Carter Family, Loretta Lynn and contemporary artists like Gillian Welch and Iris Dement.

Her upcoming record, Lantana, is one of the first we’ll mention that’s to be released in `08. And I only do this because the label has released the first song from the record. “Paper Gown” is a song that details the inner demons of a woman who killed her children. It’s a song that is set at least a century ago (and sounds it with echo-y banjo) but that is all the more relevant and powerful with the recent spate of infanticide. More info here.

Paper Gown [Download]

Bonus tracks from 2003′s Wellspring

TraceJewels [Download]
(w/Kelly Willis)


2 Responses to “Caroline Herring – "Lantana" (Signature Sounds, Feb. `08)”

  1. R says:

    ‘Paper Gown’ is a knockout – especially in light of current events … great instrumentation, great voice …

  2. eddie says:

    Paper Gown is about an event that happened in Union, South Carolina in 1994. Susan Smith drowned her children in John D. Long lake.