Oh My Gawd!!!…The Flaming Lips (Restless Records, 1987)

And now for something completely different.

I along with many others have given up on The Flaming Lips. This is partly due to overexposure (live dvd, books, televised concert appearences and endless hype by the internerds), but the bouncing beach balls and psych-lite muzak of recent releases doesn’t help. For a kick I pulled out my clear vinyl copy of Oh My Gawd – The Flaming Lips and cued up track 1.

“Everything’s Exploding” is good example of the catchy psychedelic rock the band had perfected by the time of the release in 1987 of their sophomore record Oh My Gawd. This record is a document of the time when they had more in common with early Nirvana, Husker Du and The Replacements rather than the fuzzy, happy pop of The Beach Boys or Sgt. Peppers era Beatles.

Usually I’d have a link to buy, but in this case the records out of print. Some are going for $100 on EBay, not sure how much my mint clear vinyl edition would fetch. Maybe in 50 years you’ll see me on Antiques Road Show. Here’s “Everything’s Explodin’”:

Everything’s Explodin’ [Download]

“One Million, Billionth of a Millisecond On a Sunday Morning” live


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  1. Anonymous says:

    too bad you don’t get the fun the Flaming Lips are having now and their more palatable songs. so sad to be stuck in that old muddy fuzzy sound they had.