Rachel Ries’ Folk Cover Of Outkast’s 1996 Hit "Elevator"

I was trying to be patient and not write about the upcoming Rachel Ries record Without A Bird. Right now I’m just waiting for a link to CDBaby or maybe Rachel’s own store so I can wax poetic about what a great record it is.

But since I couldn’t wait any longer and had to post something new from her, I’ve got her new cover of OutKast’s 1996 song “Elevators”. To the best of my knowledge this is one of the few folk covers of a hardcore rap song. Now, we can debate the hardcore nature of OutKast and this song all day long, but nonetheless it’s a little odd to hear such a beautiful voice sing about “the hood”, “not making no g’s”, “pimps” and “crunk and junk”. Anyway listen to this a couple of times, and tell me you aren’t impressed and that this cover version of “Elevators” shouldn’t be an internet sensation

Elevators [Download]

“Leaning Into The Wind” at Abundance Eco Village


One Response to “Rachel Ries’ Folk Cover Of Outkast’s 1996 Hit "Elevator"”

  1. Heather says:

    I love that cover song, it cracks me up! You’ve probably seen them already, but Brother Joel recently put up a bunch of better quality vids of Rachel’s Eco Village concert, and I have a couple from her “About a Bird” release party in Cafe Paradiso on YouTube.