Tall Tales – :Short Songs By Tall Tales And The Silver Lining (Beehouse Records)

I wish I had somehow written about the Tall Tales ep Short Songs By Tall Tales And The Silver Lining (Beehouse Records) back in March when it was released. Although I don’t see myself as having much pull, perhaps a few sympathetic bloggers could have piled on and gotten behind this understated ep and it could have seen a wider release/more praise. As it is now, in Internet time, this release is has-been.

“The Glow” is northern California freak-folk (lite on the freak) complete with lyrical references to nature, the sea and the wind. Musically it’s all over the place with plenty of finger-picked acoustic guitar, a bongo solo and even some feedback laced electric guitar (for the Neil Young fan inside each and every one of us). You can buy this 9 song ep here from Beehouse.

The Glow [Download]

Tall Tales video courtesy of Songs From A Window podcast/YouTube video channel


5 Responses to “Tall Tales – :Short Songs By Tall Tales And The Silver Lining (Beehouse Records)”

  1. S.J.Hirons says:

    Yup, that’s one doozy of a tune. Cheers for bringing it to my attention.

  2. chris says:

    you have introduced me to a # of artists which results in a domino effect of me introducing to others who. . .well – you’re smellin’ what im steppin’ in. . .

    this might just be ‘tops’. . .my latest obsession. . .

    cheers cheers and cheers again. . .

  3. djmark says:

    the new Tall Tales e.p. Earthling is awesome as well. possibly even more awesomer than Short Songs.
    it’s official release date is april 1st!

  4. [...] Tales is Trevor Beld from Ventura, California. I wrote about his first record here. You can buy both here through Beehouse [...]

  5. Great video, I think he's just amazing!