Those Darn Accordions – “Squeeze Machine”

(old album cover circa 2000)

There’s only a handful of people that will write about the new Those Darn Accordions record and I’m actually proud to say that I’m one of them. I saw TDA about a decade ago, at the time their lead singer was a polka-playing, tattoo-wearing, octogenarian madman. I’ve got to guess that he’s passed on to that great polka party in the sky, but the band is still up their old hi-jinks.

The new record is called Squeeze Machine and impossibly contains a duet between the band and Drew Carey called “Glass Of Beer Polka”. This band of San Franciscans is out to have some fun, not change the world and their novelty infused music is evidence of that. “This Song” is off the new record, buy it here.

This Song (Got’s Money Written All Over It) [Download]

Their r&b Bennifer song “Ben and Jen”

Ben and Jen [Download]

Plus TDA doing Elvis Costello’s “Pump It Up!”

One Response to “Those Darn Accordions – “Squeeze Machine””

  1. Truly insane & wonderful! Thanks for the TDA vid. If you are not already familiar with them, check out Brave Combo, a Denton TX-based new wave polka band.