YouTube Saturday – The Violent Femmes

In honor of Aquarium Drunkard’s recent post on The Violent Femmes album Hallowed Ground here is my YouTube Saturday feature on the boys. The only points I’d like to make might seem obvious but I’ll say them anyway.

The knocks against the band’s (primarily Gordon Gano’s) religious or spiritual material were just plain wrong. The bulk of serious music over the last several millennium has been religious music. There’s no greater or deeper topic to write about. And the songs Gano penned are a lasting testament to both his faith and his questions about his faith.

For a time this was the most accomplished group of musicians playing rock music in America. Brian Ritchie is a monster on the bass and just about any other instrument he picks up. Victor played a mean stripped down drum kit and for god’s sake John Zorn was often in the horn section!

Finally like AD said Hallowed Ground was an overlooked masterpiece but I’d also argue that 3 and Why Do Birds Sing? have been under appreciated, 3 in particular.

Country Death Song

I Hear The Rain

Jesus Walking On Water

Gone Daddy Gone

Breaking Up

American Music

Used To Be

Behind the scenes video


One Response to “YouTube Saturday – The Violent Femmes”

  1. wendyo says:

    When Hallowed Ground came out they played in my dorm cafeteria when I was at Michigan State in the early 80s. Great show. Someone hurled a pack of Lifesavers the band though (a timely projectile, as they sang the line “I’m out of mints, pass the lifesavers”), which hit Brian in the face, and they stomped offstage in a huff. Came back after a few minutes. ;-)

    Amazing gig.