Bill Kelly throws his “Bread On The Waters”


Bill Kelly’s new record, Bread On The Waters, has already been popping up on the top ten year end lists of Americana fans. But surprisingly, prior to seeing Bill’s name on these lists, I’d had very little interaction with his music. So I don’t have a long back story for you today. What I’ve learned in a very short time is that Bill’s music is firmly entrenched in the americana/singer-songwriter genre but that it also has a ton of soul.

“Better Off Alone” is a guitar and mandolin fueled romp that describes one man’s failure at relationships, love and life. Bill’s voice is clear, deep and resonant throughout. And the song, though taking twists and turns, ends up just about where you thought it might, with the protagonist sad and alone. “Here Comes Christmas” starts out as just another cynical, tongue-in-cheek, overly clever Christmas song but then morphs into a heartfelt paean of joy about Christmas’ true charms. Both songs are highly recommended. You can purchase the new record or Bill’s solo debut, Jumbo, from his site here.

Better Off Alone [Download]

Bonus upcoming Christmas single

Here Comes Christmas [Download]

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