Roger Dean Young & The Tin Cup (Copperspine Records); plus new music from Chicago’s The Gunshy (Latest Flame, Oct. 30)


Last time I wrote about Roger Dean Young I butchered his name, misspelled the song title and claimed he could fill in if needed for Steve Earle while he gets all that overt political chest thumping out of the way. I got three comments that day, 2 correcting my mistakes and 1 setting me straight vis a vis Steve Earle. I’m back for round two with Roger Dean Young since his new record, Threshold, was just released on Copperspine Records in the US.

Roger Dean Young is often photographed in a Western hat and boots, but his music is much too atmospheric and his voice too self-consciencely murmered to be confused with any known genre of country music. But still the sound of his band and his somber voice does conjur up images of desolate Canadian plains and deserted backwoods. “Juliana Park” is a beautiful song with Roger’s voice front and center with some nice embellishments of accordion, female harmony vocals and eerie guitar rounding out the back end.

Juliana Park [Download]

Back catalog

Pebbles [Download]

Simpleton [Download]

Heather Rhapsody [Download]


Maybe it’s not fair and completely off base but it’s hard for me to listen to “Juliana Park” by Roger Dean and not also hear The Gunshy from Chicago. The Gunshy is one Matt Arborgast and his new record is a concept project based on his grandfather’s letters from WWII. There’s No Love In This War should probably be required reading/listening for George Bush and his cronnies (if they’re too stupid to read the lyrics maybe a private showing of “All’s Quiet On The Western Front” would do). The record comes out October 30 on Latest Flame and within these songs (based on the letters) there is a litany of reasons war, any war, is just plain wrong. You can start the pre-order process at Latest Flame beginning Oct. 16.

May 14, 1943, The Khaki-Whacky Girls [Download]

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