You Tube Saturday – The Silos (w and w/o Bob Rupe)


These YouTube Saturday’s were supposed to be easy. They were meant as a cop-out, a cheap and quick way I could post on Saturday and not have to upload mp3′s, fight for a good description of the music or search out something new. But it turns out these are pretty hard. I have to walk the line between bands that are well known enough to have YouTube videos but not so well known to attract the wrong crowd to S:I.

The Silo’s are perfect then. At their peak they were a critically acclaimed band on a flawed major label. Their songs, mostly written by Walter Salas Humara, were hook laden but precise in their storytelling or scene setting. Bob Rupe added some songwriting but mainly a massive and slashing guitar sound.

The band minus Rupe continue to play live and record new songs. They’re just not the same. I hope there’s a reunion in the works. They are currently working with Bloodshot Records. Here’s two from their Bloodshot release Come On Like the Fast Lane.

Behind Me Know [Download]

Come On Like the Fast Lane [Download]

Just This Morning (w/Bob Rupe – 1989-90)

“Any Way You Choose Me”

“South by Southwest”

“Susan Across The Water”

“Commodore Peter”

2 Responses to “You Tube Saturday – The Silos (w and w/o Bob Rupe)”

  1. patrick says:

    good call on the silos. your readers might also like the vulgar boatmen (humera was in an early version of the band and the silos play a boatmen cover on the recent rerelease of silo).

  2. Herb Urban says:

    Excellent choice. Although I have not kept up with their more recent work, Cuba remains in heavy rotation. Excellent record by a very unsung band.