A Songs:Illinois Christmas Mix (W/New Songs from Chris Garneau and Benji Cossa plus favorites from Dan Byrk, Ed’s Redeeming Qualities, John Prine, Neko Case, etc. etc.)

I usually don’t just throw a bunch of songs up at random, but Christmas mixes are the one good reason to do such a thing. So here’s my Songs:Illinois Christmas Mix. The two newer songs are both slow burners; one by perenial S:I fave Chris Garneau and the other by S:I overlooked Benji Cossa.

P.S. If you have any of the Christmas songs I’ve posted in the past from Antsy McClain can you please send them to cbonnell@gmail.com so I can add it to this mix. Sorry for lack of a .zip, I’m surprisingly inept with computers.

P.P.S. As new songs are released by artists I like (or marginally dislike) I will add them to this post.

P.P.S.S. Swedesplease has it’s annual Swedish Christmas Mix up as well with songs by El Perro Del Mare, The Knife, Hello Saferide, Montt Mardie and Parker Lewis.

Here Comes Christmas [Download]
– Bill Kelly
Santa Loves To Boogie [Download]
– Asleep At The Wheel
You’re a mean One Mr. Grinch [Download]
– Asylum Street Spankers
Christmas Is For Losers [Download]
– Mike Nicolai
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas [Download]
– Hem
Christmas or Columbus [Download]
– Drew O’Doherty
Merry Christmas Not Xmas [Download]
– Arrah and the Ferns
Christmas Past [Download]
– Mike Ireland
Oh What A Christmas [Download]
El Perro Del Mare
Christmas Song [Download]
– Chis Garneau
O Holy Night [Download]
– Benji Cossa
Christmas Time [Download]
– Nourallah Brothers
That Was The Worst Christmas Ever [Download]
– Sufjan Stevens
Cozy Evening [Download]
– Dan Byrk
Christmas In Vermont [Download]
– Ed’s Redeeming Qualities
Christmas Eve [Download]
– Salim Nourallah
Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis [Download]
– Neko Case
Merry Christmas From The Family [Download]
– Robert Earl Keen
Christmas In Prison [Download]
– John Prine
X-Mas Song For Holland [Download]
– Hefner
Rock-A-Billy Christmas [Download]
– Michael Bishop


Red Eyed SantaDick Smith
Gold Front ToothDick Smith

Kiss Me Beneath The Christmas Tree – Casper and the Cookies via YANP [Download]

Christmas In London – Krista Detour [Download]

Be My Valentine On Christmas [Download]
– Glenna Bell
Christmas At The Trailer Park – Antsy McClain [Download]

She’s Underneath The Mistletoe – Antsy McClain [Download]

All I Ever Get For Christmas Is Blue [Download]
– Over The Rhine
Darlin’ (Christmas Is Coming) [Download]
– Over The Rhine
X-Mas Song [Download]
– Fireflies

14 Responses to “A Songs:Illinois Christmas Mix (W/New Songs from Chris Garneau and Benji Cossa plus favorites from Dan Byrk, Ed’s Redeeming Qualities, John Prine, Neko Case, etc. etc.)”

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  3. Rollerpimp says:

    Great collection! I have to say I have not heard one of those and was excited to finally hear something new instead of retread that some blogs do.

  4. Ross says:

    Wow, this looks great, i can’t wait to get my arse home from work and download the whole thing !!!! Great stuff !!!

  5. Kevin says:

    i have two Antsy christmas tracks, that I bet I downloaded from your old site last year… if you want them, email me.

  6. ickmusic says:

    [...] over at Songs:Illinois gets us ready for the holidays with a righteous Christmas mix, including John Prine, Asylum Street Spankers and Asleep at the [...]

  7. the tt$t says:

    hey there… i love this mix! i love this blog! will u be doing more xmas songs? i recorded an album for my father, who passed away, and on my myspace is a xmas song from that album, which i wrote about how the loss affects me during the holidays… it is pretty indie-folk, and i think you may enjoy it…check it out on myspace.com/thetenthousanddollartattoo . thanks!!!! ryan k, the ten thousand dollar tattoo.

  8. Anthony says:

    How can I download these as a set rather than just listen to them on-line?

  9. Dyann says:

    Many thanks for choosing one of Krista Detor’s songs from her wintersong’s CD The Silver wood.

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