Glenna Bell – The Road Less Traveled (Sugar Hill, January 22)

I’d like to kill two birds with one stone this morning. I’ll accomplish this feat by linking to an mp3 off the new record by Glenna Bell called The Road Less Traveled and at the same time sharing her Christmas song from the same record with you. Thus filling my quota of classic country and Christmas music.

Glenna Bell is a real throwback to the most classic country sounds of years past. In this way she is nearly unclassifiable in today’s music world ( I wrote about her first here). Her voice has a limited range, but an honest sound. While her songs speak volumes about being a quirky southerner in a world full of northerners. She’s like the singer that time forgot. But meanwhile on “How I Found Out I’m Insane” she runs down a list of reasons she’s probably crazy and it’s pretty modern stuff – check out the background male vocals and the odd little synth sounds midway through.

Buy this January release on Sugar Hill now through Cd Baby here.

How I Found Out I’m Insane [Download]

Be My Valentine On Christmas [Download]

“Hoping I Could Be Wrong” (2005)

4 Responses to “Glenna Bell – The Road Less Traveled (Sugar Hill, January 22)”

  1. ross says:

    This is lush, that song Be My Valentine On Christmas is going on my xmas mix tape !!!

  2. bob_vinyl says:

    She might not have an amazing range, but the vibrato in her voice is so delicate and I don’t know how she does it. I was listening close, wondering if maybe it was an effect, but I think it’s just her voice.

  3. Glenna Bell says:

    Thank you all for your insights. I am glad to know that you are enjoying the new songs, and I appreciate your helping me spread the word far and wide. I would love to add you to the email list to receive my music newsletter. Just send your email address to And have a very Merry Christmas. — Sincerely, Glenna Bell

  4. Kevin says:

    Damn you Craig, making me cry at christmas. What a song!