san kazakgascar and a rant

San Kazakgascar is really more the domain of someone like Raven Sings The Blues but I’ll try to tackle the band as a challenge. But first a rant.

When mp3 blogs started out it seemed like a great moment for the music industry; with radio all screwed up, retail going down the drain, and the major label system a fraud, it seemed for a moment at least that mp3 blogs could be the outlet for creative and original music.

Then ads started popping up on certain sites, soon the big boys entered the fray and simply tried to outpost everyone else thinking that pure volume might catapult them to the top of some irrelevant blog chart, then second and third generation music bloggers made the scene more of an all-boy, testosterone-fueled, indierock-frat party by mixing sports and sex with the music and posting lowest common denominator type stuff with a sure beat and simple repetitive lyrics. Songs had to be instantly catchy to become blog darlings and bloggers had to abandon the experimental side of things to keep advertisers and readers happy.

Now it seems like the big blogs are just copying and pasting one press release onto another, scurrying to get to songs first, and even fighting over minor band announcements and concert updates. How did it get so bad so quick? Rant over.

And this relates to the San Kazakgascar how? Point being: a band like San Kazakgasar has no hope of being supported by a medium that was originally intended to be a voice for the marginalized music of the world, but instead is now completely beholden to it’s advertisers, pr teams and corporate partners. The band’s music is challenging, bizarre and experimental; as a college radio station in Boston used to say it has “no commercial potential”. It’d be just right for the music blog world too, if everyone would stop checking their in-boxes, their rss feeds and the pr machine updates long enough to search out something original.

Here’s a song from the new record and an awesome (disturbing) video by Sarah Wissenback. More info about the new record at Lather Records.

Dallas Via Damascas [Download]

Malaria fueled video for “Mosquitos and Gnats”

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