Songs:Illinois Exclusive – New Song From Gary Louris of Jayhawks Fame (Rykodisc, Feb. 19)

As a follow-up and a continuation of my recent posts about The Jayhawks and Mark Olson’s solo disc here is the first song to preview off the February `08 Rykodisc release of Gary Louris’ solo debut Vagabonds. I could get all philosophical about the lyrical intent behind this song, or do the back story injustice by rehashing the history of the band, or I could compare this to classic Jayhawks’ stuff to prove what a big fan I am. But I have no intention of doing any of that. Instead I just want to say what a wonderful thing it is to have Gary Louris’ voice once again on disc (or file or mp3…whatever).

It’s obvious from the start of the first single, “True Blue”, that this will be the Gary Louris record fans have been hoping for, but it’s not until about one minute in, when Gary’s voice starts to hit those magnificent high notes, that it becomes clear how excited we should truly be. Gary likes things loose and you can hear that in this first song. He commented in the bio for Vagabonds that he likes the interplay among and between a group of musicians and doing a take mistakes and all. With the talented group he’s assembled I’m guessing there aren’t that many foibles. Gary has assembled a crack team on Vagabonds including a backing group called The Laurel Canyon Family Choir that consists of Jenny Lewis, Susanna Hoffs, and The Chapin Sisters (wrote about them here).

I know it may seem crazy/impossible but until there’s a proper US pre-order link available you could try to get your groove on by pre-ordering the 180 gram vinyl from Amazon UK. Or just wait it out `til there’s more info about the US pre-order. Here’s “True Blue”.

True Blue [Download]

The song “Every Word” from the documentary Wordplay:

Gary Louris interview courtesy of “Corporate Country Sucks”:

6 Responses to “Songs:Illinois Exclusive – New Song From Gary Louris of Jayhawks Fame (Rykodisc, Feb. 19)”

  1. Rollerpimp says:

    I don’t think I could be any happier after reading that Gary Louris is finally doing a CD. Jayhawks are one of my all time favorite bands and I was wondering why he had not done solo album since the breakup/hiatus.

  2. Calexico says:

    Great stuff, thanks for the exclusive. This is gonna be an awesome album and should be in everyone’s collection, along with all The Jayhawks albums. Keep up the good work!

  3. big jay fan says:

    Louris and Olson have also recorded an album together that will be released sometime after Louris’ album has had some time to sell.

  4. Gary Louris – True Blue…

    Songs:Illinois has an mp3 of the first single from Gary Louris’ solo debut Vagabonds, due February 19 on Rykodisc, who gave their blessing to this leak. Fans of Louris’ vocals and songwriting on his work with the Jayhawks and Golden……

  5. Mike says:

    Great news. I can’t wait for this new album as well as the new Olson/Louris album.

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