Sunshone Still’s “Ten Cent American Novels”

Sunshone Still is really just Chris Smith, a Nashville native whose debut record of eerie Americana caught the ears of NPR and PBS. His work has a strong historical bent and the new record is no different. In fact to explain it the best thing to do is just cut and paste from the bio.

“Now, Sunshone Still returns with an ambitious 17-track concept album titled Ten Cent American Novels on Potato Eater Records. Inspired by Hampton Sides’ non-fiction book, Blood and Thunder, this historical character study centers around Manifest Destiny and the complex life of Kit Carson: his beautiful Arapaho Indian wife, his heroic trapping and scouting days, his brave military service, and his ruthless part in rounding up the Navajo Indians for the fatal Long Walk. Written in the form of a novel (complete with prologue, chapters, and epilogue), the big ideas are expressed with big, eclectic musical ideas and arrangements – horns, strings, bells, organ and more. Contrastingly, the story’s denouement is expressed in a quiet, sunset-on-the-open-range style – acoustic guitar leading the way.

Buy the new record, Ten Cent American Novels, here. Hear more songs at MySpace.

Ten Cent Theme Outro (Instrumental) [Download]

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  1. I’d love for you to review my new cd. I found you through a review JJ Schultz’s music — I know him through the Hotel Utah. I’d be happy to send you a copy if you’d like. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

    Warmly, Kathleen