The Devil Makes Three Walk “The Plank” (Milan Entertainment, Nov. 20)

A week or two back a random selection of music blogs received a track from Milan Entertainment and the band The Devil Makes Three. As I usually immediately delete any bulk email sent my way it was an anomoly that I opened the email at all, but the band name and the song “Old Number Seven” rang a bell. All the other blogs ran with whatever information was included in the email or threw the song up with only a cursory “this showed up in my inbox so what the hell.” Not that blogs should be held to the same standard as other, more serious, online publications or even certain print publications, but it’d be nice if they got the story even partially straight.

A little bit of research would have shown them that this “new” record is actually a remastered version of the band’s 2002 self-titled debut. I have no idea why a forgotten release that’s 5 years old from a band that is unknown even in blues-folk circles is suddenly due the re-issue treatment. And I wonder why I’m throwing my hat into the ring to help promote it. I guess the easy answer is the record’s pretty great. Since it came out originally in 2002 it predates all the hoopla about Beirut, Devotchka and Gogol Bordello; three bands that share the same aesthetic if not the same cultish following. Did its release or the band’s west coast touring help inspire any of these other bands? I’m sure not, but the gypsy-folk, pirate-camp and whiskey-whore sound of The Devil Makes Three is a welcome addition to this under-appreciated sub-genre. Here’s another song from the 2007 re-issue of the 2002 self-titled record from San Francisco’s The Devil Makes Three.

The Plank [Download]

The Devil Makes Three

4 Responses to “The Devil Makes Three Walk “The Plank” (Milan Entertainment, Nov. 20)”

  1. erik says:

    First Devotchka record came out in 2000. Just the facts maam.

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  3. weirdwallpaper says:

    I think it got a re-release because they got a better record deal, and the label figured not many have heard it, so lets get it out there while we record your new one. It does sound better than the original too.

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