The Rosewood Thieves (I May Be Late But Goddamnit I’m Right!)

Unless you are a regular patient of the good Doctor Mooney you may not have heard of NYC’s other great roots band (other than the Felice Brothers of course). Their name is The Rosewood Thieves and until now Doctor Mooney’s pretty much had The Rosewood Theives market cornered. From now on I’d like to help spread the news.

The Rosewood Thieves mine the same fertile organic soil as The Felice Brothers and The Damnwells. They clearly love the sound of analog; combining a cornucopia of stringed instruments with organs and depending on the song a slightly chill 60′s psychedelia. The new EP, Lonesome, is a slight departure from the first EP. It’s got a more stripped down sound to compliment it’s title I guess. The songs sound a bit like outtakes from The Violent Femme’s classic LP Hallowed Ground. “Murder Ballad In G-Minor” in particular reminds one of “Country Death Song” but the lineage of the song probably goes back much further, past Johnny Cash’s murder ballads and all the way back to something like the blues of Howlin’ Wolf or Charlie Patton.

Again the best place to catch up with the band’s work is over at Doctor Mooney’s 115th Dream. But for now here’s “Murder Ballad…” and a video of a song from their first EP.

Murder Ballad In G-Minor [Download]

“Los Angeles”
Los Angeles

P.S. I’ll be on Thanksgiving break for the next week or so. See you next Monday.

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  1. Hey there! Thanks for the note ‘n the link! Glad that you like the Thieves, keep on spreadin’ the word!