What Everyone Else Was Saying – Weekly Blog Roundup

(“Judgement” by Ryan Sanchez)

Heart On a Stick discovers the John Darniele inspired vocals and punk folk of Andrew Jackson Jihad.

I’ve been back for repeat visits to Indie Surfer Blog, the most recent visit brought me the music of RF Maston. Thanks ISB!

Raised On Indie tries to explain the success of Zookeeper and almost succeeds.

I’d always meant to write about the new record from Backyard Tire Fire but just never got around to it. Though I probably would have came to the same conclusions as Visions and Revisions.

Captain Obvious brings you the lofi country tinged rock of Beaten Awake.

I’ve never seen so much written about so little. Mainstream Isn’t So Bad…Is It? (YES IT IS!) adds to the din about this, at best, mediocre band.

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  1. J says:

    testosterone-fueled, indierock-frat party by mixing sports and sex with the music and posting lowest common denominator type stuff

    Hey, look! Boobies!