What Everyone Else Was Saying – Weekly Music Blog Round-up

(“Rustic Fields” by Maxwell Loren Holyoke-Hirsch)

The Rising Storm looks back to 1971 and the UK band McGuiness Flint (they’ve got a sort of Band-like vibe).

Pasta Primavera has a new song off the January release by Thau Nguyen.

Everyone Could Be Light Green has got the traditional sounding English folk of Ruby Throat (not sure if they’re actually British though).

Some Velvet Blog has some demo (?) tracks from The Golden Animals to keep us satiated until they deliver their debut record.

Hear Ya has a couple new songs from O Death.

Everyone’s (here’s T-Sides impression) talking about Hello, Blue Roses (the duo of Dan Bejar and Syndney Vermont), I find them banal and already tiresome but then again I’m a big grump.

2 Responses to “What Everyone Else Was Saying – Weekly Music Blog Round-up”

  1. Stan Da Man says:

    Ruby Throat are indeed a British band.

  2. medea says:

    golden animals are pretty to look at but,man, they suck