YouTube Saturday – Urge Overkill

Sometimes when you’re known as a fan of “good” music you get some flack when something like Urge Overkill comes up on shuffle or you pull out the vinyl copy of Saturation. It’s hard to explain the appeal of a band like Urge Overkill unless you lived in Chicago at the time and experienced the Nash Kato phenomena first hand. The band was legend; they had the swagger, the major label deal, the sunglasses and the power chords to go all the way. They came damn close, too (or did they make it for a millisecond?).

Their music is power pop on steroids and that’s why I like it. Simple chords, huge choruses and smashing drums; it’s not that far removed from critic’s darlings like The Posies or Mathew Sweet. Just amplified a thousand times. Here’s their two biggest singles, plus a live video from 2004 (apparently this was their fat/bloated period but the Europeans still loved them).

Sister Havana [Download]

“Positive Bleeeding”

“Sister Havana”

“The Break” (live)

3 Responses to “YouTube Saturday – Urge Overkill”

  1. larzini says:

    Stop apologizing, and let yourself enjoy it. “Everyday is like a vacation with you” is a lyric that has never left my head. Looking back I have to say the swagger and the punch is not much different from when The Hives first crossed the pond, but I wasn’t in Chicago for the the full-on Nash Kato experience, so I’m only thinking from afar.

  2. Ry says:

    Yeah I grew up with UO, too. And thanks for making me break it back out. I agree with above comment– I LOVE that line. The fuzzy opening chords of “Havana” just get me ready to rock. And I could put Heaven 90210 on repeat and just fall asleep.
    Guilty pleasures shouldn’t inflict shame. Clutch and Monster Magnet, as well as loads of horribly wonderful 80s tunes often appear on my Last.FM.
    Embrace it!

  3. roberta says:

    Thanks for reminding me how great UO was! I was a music director at KCOU (Univ of MO @ Columbia) and we had the guys down for an interview (i think they were touring behind Supersonic Storybook) and instead of the regular old interview, we had them show us how to make the perfect martini. Needless to say, those ‘tinis were killer because one of the guys left his guitar (maybe eddie?) at the venue. I got a call from UO asking me to bring the guitar with me because I was going to drive to St. Louis where they were starting a tour with Nirvana. (Nevermind was just beginning to break) My reward was backstage passes for me and my 2 girlfriends. It was great to watch them and Nirvana from the side of the stage. Emusic has Supersonic Storybook and Americrusier available if you need digital files.