Mark Jungers – Silos and Smokestacks (plus a honky-tonk Christmas song)

Mark Jungers had an unheralded Texas style americana record out in 2007 called Silos and Smokestacks. But for those in the know Mark Jungers is known as an up and coming honest to goodness country music songwriter of the highest order. Mark grew up on his family farm so it’s easy to imagine the sentiments heard on the song “Silos and Smokestacks” are both sincere and based in part on experiences he’s had.

Mark’s new record, Silos and Smokestacks, was released this fall and is available in any fine Texas record store, as well as all the usual Texas Music online outlets, or you can pick it up now at CD Baby here.

Silos and Smokestacks [Download]

Mark Jungers’ Honky-Tonk Christmas song:

The Christmas Song [Download]

P.S. Big Rock Candy Mountain is back from the dead and going full bore. He’s compiling the best country music Christmas songs you’ve never heard of but wished you had. Check out his new site here and his drinking song sister site Barstool Mountain here.

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  1. XT says:

    great unique sound! just ordered the cd. thanks for posting this