Most Deserving Artists Of 2007 – Chris Bathgate

Of course there were hundreds of bigger releases, releases with more press, and releases that were more obvious (in both music and lyrics). But for me there were not that many that surpassed Chris Bathgates Quite Scientific debut A Cork Tale Wake. Here’s a repost from April that I did on Chris Bathgate:


Chris Bathgate (here, here) is in the news quite a bit lately. First, one of his songs is featured on the Yer Bird compilation Folk Music For The End Of The World. It’s a great little comp that puts a bunch of indie folk artists of like minds in one place (Chris’ contemporaries on End Of The World are J. Tillman, Hayden, and The Gunshy). Secondly the great little label (or not so little depending on how Canada’s This Cursed House sold through) Quite Scientific is releasing Chris Bathgate’s next record, titled A Cork Tale Wake, on July 26.

Of course I haven’t heard much but this little sneak peak shows why Quite Scientific signed him, why he was named “Best Solo Artist in Michigan” by the Detroit Free Press and why he’s a favorite of Songs:Illinois. “A flash of light followed by” has the wonderful finger picked acoustic guitar that we’ve heard before from Chris, his always expressive voice and now a fuller production with horns and distorted guitars. To kill two birds with one stone here’s the one song that’s on both the excellent new Yer Bird compilation and on Chris Bathgate’s upcoming Quite Scientific debut A Cork Tale Wake.

A flash Of light followed by [Download]

“Buffalo Girl” from Throatsleep

Buffalo GirlHere’s a live version of “Buffalo Girl” (link down)(courtesy of Cherbonsy [Download]

Creek, Cure, Dawn at The Panopticon


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  1. Kevin says:

    That’s Matt Jones in there too, by the way! He’s equally great.