Most Deserving Artists of 2007 – Gill Landry and “The Ballad Of Lawless Soirez” (**Repost**)

This is a repost from February of 2007. This song and the record it’s off have stayed with me all year. I’ve added a YouTube video of a performance of the song from a club date in March.


Gill Landry is a young New Orleans singer-songwriter who draws from many different styles, natch since he’s from the melting pot of jazz, blues and funk. Depending on the song you might hear shades of mariachi, a spanish bolero, Dylan, Sonny Landreth, Boozoo Chavis, etc. etc. The Ballad of Lawless Soirez is Landry’s debut and it just came out on the Canadian label Nettwerk. The disc was recorded in Portland with Nick Jaina (remember him) with Nick assembling a diverse group of musicians to beef up this former busker’s sound.

The cd’s artwork is apropo as well. The pulp novel lettering and fim noirish photo convey well the sounds you’ll encounter within. I contacted Gill for permission to post any one of the four songs he’s got streaming on myspace, and he sent me the title track. But you should check out the others and then buy his debut here.

Lawless Soirez [Download]


Gill doing “Lawless Soirez” at Safari Sam’s in Hollywood, Ca.


4 Responses to “Most Deserving Artists of 2007 – Gill Landry and “The Ballad Of Lawless Soirez” (**Repost**)”

  1. Autopsy IV says:

    I totally agree with the awesomeness of this album.

  2. Absolutely. I bought this album after reading your first post and it is still on high rotation here. Gill is also the singer for The Kitchen Syncopators and spent the last few weeks playing banjo as a temporary Old Crow.

  3. Craig says:

    thanks, encouraging comments always appreciated!