Most Deserving Artists Of 2007 – Vandaveer’s “Grace And Speed” (**Re-post**)(plus new xmas ep)

Had I not received an email from his camp last week I’m not sure whether Vandaveer would have ended up in my year in review. See Vandaveer released one of the best indie folk records of the year and also sent me links to a great little Christmas EP. Those two things combined got him a repost today. Here’s a couple of the new Christmas song recordings followed by a repost of something I put together in January this year.

Silent Night [Download]

The Little Drummer Boy [Download]


This post is not ready for prime time, despite the fact I started writing it two weeks ago. What prompted me to post it today (unfinished) is an email touting the band’s arrival. Vandaveer is unabashed (indie) folk from The Apparitions frontman Mark Charles Heidinger. His MySpace page lists his genre as “Folk Folk Folk”. And you can hear it loud and clear in the two songs below from his debut out soon on Gypsy Eyes.

There’s some of the nasally troubadour folk of Bob Dylan as well as a bit of his way with words but there’s also a Crosby, Stills and Nash California vocal harmonies sound peeking through. You can hear the “indie” influences in the processed vocals, beats and somber themes of “Marianne You’ve Done It Now”. This is a pretty auspicious start of the year for Gypsy Eyes Records and I’ll have more from them soon.

However Many Takes It Takes [Download]

Bonus song:

Marianne You’ve Done It Now [Download]


2 Responses to “Most Deserving Artists Of 2007 – Vandaveer’s “Grace And Speed” (**Re-post**)(plus new xmas ep)”

  1. John Smith says:

    Woah, However Many It Takes. Than you for this and I mean it. I will purchase this CD for Christmas. You’ve got it going on.

  2. John Smith says:

    Than, I meant thank. Please forgive me.