New Songs From Steve Poltz

Steve Poltz has a record coming out on January 22 (actually two) and none of these brand new songs will be on it. These have appeared on Steve Poltz blog the last couple of months and they are quirky and real, done in one take and off the cuff, and sometimes silly. “Greeny” is particularly silly, as it’s about the guy’s dead travel bag for Christ’s sake! But there are real moments of insight as well. Take “Some Things About Me” which is a litany of characteristics that seem pretty autobiographical (“I use humor as a crutch”, “I’ll sell you a song”, “I act really glad even though I’m really sad sometimes”).

Steve will be hitting the Midwest in February and I’ll have an update, hopefully with some music from the new records, then.

Some Things About Me [Download]

The Ballad Of Greeny [Download]

Bonus back catalog tracks:

Silver Lining [Download]

Friendly Fire [Download]

Ten Chances [Download]

Video of “Streetfighter’s Face” from Steve’s upcoming record Travelling:

“You Remind Me” live at Tiki in Halifax (yes it’s the song from that Jeep commercial):

2 Responses to “New Songs From Steve Poltz”

  1. dan siego says:

    A few months ago I caught Steve Poltz playing a new set of songs he’d just written while traveling in Croatia. (Suite: Croatia!) Beautiful. With two of The Truckee Brothers backing him, it was all they could do to hang on, having never heard the songs before. It was just like in The Darjeeling Limited… except, in the Mediterranean… and instead of head bandages for his psychic wounds, there was only his guitar… There are many such treasures dangling from his… what do you call it… blog? Can’t wait for the new record!

  2. Mike Campbell says:

    Thanks for sending this out. The Tiki in Halifax is actually in my backyard. It’s my office/renovated garage. The show these videos were taken from was absolutely brilliant and anyone who has a chance to see this guy and doesn’t go, is insane…

    The new record is as excellent as every other thing he’s ever recorded. Buy it in January!!!

    Oh, Steve was born in Halifax, by the way…

    Mike Campbell
    Halifax, Nova Scotia