What Everyone Else Was Saying – Weekly Blog Roundup

(“Untitled” by Akino Kondoh)

Foggy Ruins Of Time has a song from Santa Barbara based singer-songwriter Lauren Barth who goes by the stage name Pocketful.

Anyones Guess
has a song by S.F.’s best alt-country band – or, the whale.

Anyone’s Guess
comes through again this week with a write-up of the Oxford based folk group Jonquil.

Captain Obvious has two songs from the debut record from Australian singer-songwriter Simon Moore.

Here Comes The Flood has new music from Bill Staines.

Keep The Coffee Coming must have had a double cappaccino on Dec 5 since Kat came through with two excellent posts: one about Paul Siebel and the other about Steve Goodman.

!tashed has something nice from Jenn Grant.

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