What Everyone Else Was Saying – Weekly Blog Roundup

Art by Mathew Palladino)

How annoying is it to scroll through Elbo.ws and see that everyone and their brother (and his dog) have posted their year end best of lists? Does every half-baked music blogger really think we care that he’s listed Cloud Cult in front of Radiohead or The National over Art Brut or vice-versa? There was so little new music posted or written about this week, but here’s some of what everyone else was saying:

A Space For Music Liberation
has a new song off an EP from a band called Gossamer Albatross; kind of an Antony and the Johnsons meets Bright Eyes.

Anyone’s Guess
has 2 songs from Petrcovitch otherwise known as SF based folk singer Jessica Peters.

Shattered Satellite has up and coming vulnerable sounding London folk artist Jay Jay Pistolet.

Like I said above I’m a bit peeved by all the year end list making but Lonesome Music gets an exemption with the great/different list they just posted.

More fine acoustic based music from London courtesy of the blog Check the Availability.

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  1. howard says:

    Thanks for the shout out, we thought about not making a list this year, we even told each other we weren’t going to bother. THen we found we’d both got a draft ready anyway. We couldn’t deny our inner geek. The Catherine Howe album really is the best thing (re)released this year though, and that’s from 1971.