YouTube Saturday – Concrete Blonde

For those of us who watched MTV when they still played videos, listened to the radio when program directors would take a shot on an artist just cause they liked them and read music publications when they still were relevant then you’ve probably heard of Concrete Blonde.

Concrete Blonde was that once in a lifetime combination of talent and style. The band’s grimy goth rock was a perfect compliment to Johnette Napolitano’s husky vocals.

“Still In Hollywood”


“God Is A Bullet”


“Everybody Knows”

2 Responses to “YouTube Saturday – Concrete Blonde”

  1. great flash back says:

    loved seeing still in hollywood..brought back lots of l.a memories….i remenber bumping into harryruscoff one nite in the rainbow..i told him how much i liked the band..the saw really nice…thanks for the memories