Eric Lindell – “Low On Cash, Rich In Love” (Alligator, Jan. 15)

I can’t get with all of the electric guitar bravado that is Alligator Records, but from the good press surrounding recent signee Eric Lindell, and the song below, with all it’s Boz Scaggs circa 1969 soul, Muscle Shoal type horns, and sex-fueled delivery I’m very open to hearing more from him.

Eric Lindell is a New Orleans native and that comes through on the mix of styles present in even this one song. If NYC is the melting pot, than New Orleans must be the gumbo stew that gets cooked up in that pot. You can hear traces of blues, Van Morrison’s blue-eyed soul and even the surf-jamband-lite of contemporaries like Jack Johnson. The new record, Low On Cash, Rich In Love, came out this past Tuesday and is available to be ordered directly through Alligator Records here.

Lay Back Down [Download]

P.S. Is there a great blues blog that I’m not aware of, cause I’ve never found it.

5 Responses to “Eric Lindell – “Low On Cash, Rich In Love” (Alligator, Jan. 15)”

  1. I don’t know of a blog that’s focused on current blues. All of the current blues I’m interested in fits pretty easily in the scope of the “roots”-oriented blogs I follow. Grant Alden’s recent post about the blues’ place in No Depression has some interesting things to say about the blues today and one might abstract from that why there aren’t any obvious blues blogs.

  2. lil mike says:


    just so yer square

    and not to nitpick

    but Eric Lindell resides in New Orleans, and has found some success there in that music mecca

    but he started playing the blues in Sonoma County CA, and then went to NYC for a spell


  3. Gary says:

    I have not had a song stir up the emotion in me like “lay back down” has. Have you ever heard a song for the first time just make you close your eyes and cry with emotion that has been there down deep just waitin to come out. goddamn good, that what it was.

  4. Ms. T says:

    Eric is a personal friend of mine. It’s not just his music that is awesome, he is an awesome person as well. He is very laid back and down to earth. I’m so glad to see him make it finally. As Eric would say, “Keep on keepin’ on.” Also he is an artist. I bought his first painting a week before Hurricane Katrina hit. I am so proud to own his first sold painting. Good luck in all that you do Eric. All my love to you and Sarah. You know where I am. LET’S GO TOURIN’ BRO!!!!! LOL!!!!

    Tamra in Alex.