Sid Griffin’s (Ex-Long Ryder) new group The Coal Porters – “Turn the Water on, Boy!” (Prima Records, Jan. 20)

Sid Griffin, he of the 80′s country-punk group The Long Ryders, keeps pretty busy with all his musical projects, but it’s his latest group’s release, Turn the Water On, Boy!, by The Coal Porters that should get him the most attention since the late 80′s. The Coal Porters is the group that Sid formed in England with fellow Long Ryder alumns and Chris Hillman from The Byrds on mandolin. They are a pretty traditional sounding bluegrass group, but with both his and Chris Hillman’s musical history they have been attracting a diverse following. The band is pretty content to stay in the UK where they have a bunch of spring dates up on their site, but it sure would be a treat to get them to the states.

Below is a Sid Griffin original about Woody Gutherie that’s kinda cool and a cover of the Gene Clark classic “Silver Raven”. You can also hear what their live show sounds like below and don’t miss the wacky bluegrass cover of “My Generation”.

You can buy the digital release here through Amazon.

Mr. Guthrie [Download]

Silver Raven [Download]

and live:

Final Wild Sun [Download]
(The Coal Porters covering The Long Ryders)
My Generation [Download]
(yes, this is a bluegrass version of The Who’s classic)
Just Like Tom Thumb Blues [Download]
(The Long Ryders live from their reunion tour with opening act Greg Trooper handling the vocals)

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  1. Ample Sanity says:

    [...] of several by creative collective Aoineko. (grow-a-brain) MP3s: All Things Go. The Swill Merchant. Silver Raven. Games: Shotgun Ninja. The Yore. Submachine 5. Retail Therapy: Mimobot. Designer USB Flash Drives. [...]

  2. Speaking of the Long Ryders; They are playing their 1st US shows in 21 years here in Atlanta on Jan 9-10. We've talked them into it and we are flying them in just for these 2 shows; there won't be anymore in the US at all.
    You can get advance tix at:
    they are playing the Earl which is a 270 capacity venue so i'd get tickets sooner rather than later if you have interest!!
    any questions:
    thanks, Chris Chandler