What Everyone Else Was Saying – Weekly Blog Roundup

(Untitled by Neil Farber)

Neiles Life has some nice indie folk from Austrailia and the duo Angus and Julia Stone.

The now famous (there was a nice interview with Heather on NPR) I Am Fuel, You Are Friends discovers the amazing roots music of The Felice Brothers.

Bruce over at Some Velvet Blog has a new tune from Kate Maki – a Songs:Illinois favorite.

Idolator takes on No Depression and generalizes all to hell about this worthwhile publication

The un-aptly named mp3 blog Pasta Primavera has a couple new songs from Finian Mckean’s new record.

Midwest Record has news of Bo Ramsey’s upcoming record and Minneapolis Fucking Rocks has something from his son’s band The Pines.

3 Responses to “What Everyone Else Was Saying – Weekly Blog Roundup”

  1. terry starks says:

    Hello neighbor-
    Indie music, americana,”power”folk-these are a few of my favorite things, when the dog bites, when the bee…never mind. I am listening to, over and over-so many layers it seems in this music-the everybody fields,nothing is okay. Hopefully a bit of interest there for you, duo from southeastern, TN I think. Pure, informal storytelling,rich rich voices-yea, I reallllly like it. Thanks for doing what you do, taking your recommendations to heart, bank account feeling the withdraw, money for music- best investment for my buck. Take care-

  2. muruch says:

    I generally find Idolator amusing and agree with their trashing of Rolling Stone and Spin, but slamming No Depression is unwarranted. ND is the only music magazine I still subscribe to and their content (which is similar to what you & I post) wipes the floor with the crap most music blogs praise.

  3. boyhowdy says:

    I’m with muruch, mostly. Not that any mag is unassailable, but ND’s content and presentation are generally strong, worth celebrating.

    Two notes, to be fair: Alden’s voice is a bit pedantic, on occasion; that wasn’t his best writing, I thought. And I agree with many commenters on the original site, who note that the mag’s focus is sometimes a bit narrow, though I also recognize this is a stylistic note, not a critique.

    But this is no justification for the comprehensive ass-whoopin’ Idolator gives ND. As a folkblogger who considers the No Depression end of music within bounds, I’m left even more confident of my use of ND as a source of information and inspiration — and bereft of respect for Idolator’s anonymous reviewer.