What Everyone Else Was Saying – Weekly Blog Roundup (Jim White, Big Ditch Road, Luke Doucet, Cameron McGill, Bob Mould, and Noah and the Whale)

(The Animal That Follows by Zachary Rossman)

OK here’s the deal with these weekly roundups. I don’t usually link to the most obvious sites. I mean you should be reading Aquarium Drunkard, Said The Gramaphone and Moistworks daily and it seems silly to link to sites that have far eclipsed this one. But with that said you really should check out Aquarium Drunkard’s post this week about Jim White.

Local Vertical has new music from Songs:Illinois fave and pride of Canada Luke Doucet.

MOKB has two new songs from Cameron McGill, a Chicagoan who has a new record out in early February.

Turn the Page
discovers the British indie folk act Noah and The Whale.

Minneapolis Fucking Rocks has one of Songs:Illinois’ favorite alt country band’s new songs, namely Big Ditch Road.

Atomic Ned has the new song/sound from Bob Mould (you may remember him as lead singer of one of the greatest bands of all time).

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