David Wilcox’s new anti-war song “Falling For It” (What Are Records?, March 4)

A couple weeks ago I wrote about Larry McMurtry’s new anti-war song about Cheney called “Cheney’s Toy”. I was hard on it, in part because of the expectations I had for the song and in part because of the song’s missed opportunities. I didn’t have those same expectations for David Wilcox’s “Falling For It”. I kind of assumed it’d be another sappy guilty pleasure but that’s not the case.

David is a great singer and acoustic guitar player, I’ve characterized him in the past as super sensitive and I think that’s accurate. He lives up to some of the stereotypes of the wimpy folk singer. But I’ve always loved his stuff.

His new record Airstream is just him and his acoustic guitar. On the song “Falling For It” he makes a good case for why we should be protesting this unjust war in Iraq. Buy both the new record and a new live dvd at What Are Records?

Falling For It [Download]

“Rusty Old American Dream” from Live At Workplay DVD on What Are Records?

3 Responses to “David Wilcox’s new anti-war song “Falling For It” (What Are Records?, March 4)”

  1. boyhowdy says:

    Well, that’s great news. I have the same history with David Wilcox — guilty pleasure, like his work live, have low expectations for new work — but attribute some of my feelings to mid-career albums with pop production that swamps his talent. Also, his cover choices have been pretty silly in the past (Missing You?!). A solo acoustic album w/ a bit of anti-war sentiment would be perfect.

  2. Colt says:

    I threw up in my mouth a little listening to that song. It was terrible. There’s no insight to it just regurgitated complaints about the sheeple. Blah.

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