Jon Jackson For Congress! (**Warning Viral Video Enclosed**)

Jon Jackson, whose music we fawned over here, has a posted two videos over the last couple of days explaining his decision to run for a seat in Congress. Everyone is telling him he’s crazy (and maybe he is) but didn’t you ever have a crazy idea? An idea so crazy you never bothered attempting it and then regretted that decision for years.

I hope this goes viral, at the very least because it will expose more people to Jon’s music, but also because it’d be great if he actually won.

The smoking in the first video and Jon’s surprise that the election is this November in the second is classic. Write in Jon Jackson in November!

Here’s another song from Jon’s debut record Green Apples for sale now on CDBaby here.

Papaw McClung [Download]

Campaign video #1

U.S. House of Representatives

4 Responses to “Jon Jackson For Congress! (**Warning Viral Video Enclosed**)”

  1. carrie joy says:

    oh boy! jon you are awesome, you’ve got the best ideas. dude, you’ve gotta voice your opinion to get rid of fishing licenses simply because they are pointless and they only cost money… i mean you don’t need an ID to get one… and they won’t deny anyone a fishing license.. why don’t i just go get one, you ask? BECAUSE I BELIEVE IN YOU.

    ok actually that entire bit was pretty much pointless, i just wanted to point out that i hate fishing licenses. i mean you shouldnt really campain that, its stupid. shows why i’m not running for congress. ANYways. i love you, dude. for real. you’re awesome. good luck.


  2. Batey says:

    Well, now I gotta vote. Look what you’ve brought me too.

  3. Joey says:

    Jon, I’m glad you decided to do this. I think it’s just what we needed.

  4. Gobs says:

    well shit.
    I can only vote for California’s representatives.