Mando Saenz – “Bucket” (Carnival Recording Company, Feb. 5)

Mando Saenz is a Mexican born and California bred but Nashville loving singer-songwriter whose new album was released Feb. 5. I wrote about the relatively unknown singer back in 2005 with the release of his debut Watertown here, and have been following his work ever since. The new record is a well-produced affair with some of the cream-of-the-crop Nashville players assisting including Kenny Vaughn, Will Kimbrough and David Grissom.

Originally I had Mando pegged as an alt-country troubadour but with this new release I see him sliding into whatever space is left between the like of Josh Ritter, Ron Sexsmith and Josh Rouse at the AAA all-boys head table. On a song like “A Touch Is All” he sounds like he’d be comfortable joining them for a bite and drink. You can buy the new record, Bucket, here from Mando Saenz.

A Touch Is All [Download]

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One Response to “Mando Saenz – “Bucket” (Carnival Recording Company, Feb. 5)”

  1. Sprawn! says:

    If I was named “Mando” I would wear a cape, carry a sword, and say “Greetings!” to every person I passed on the street.