Rodney Parker And 50 Peso Reward – “The Lonesome Dirge” (Self-released, April 8)

The title The Lonesome Dirge is a bit of a misnomer for this brawny heartland rock meets smoky Texas twang of a record from Rodney Parker and 50 Peso Reward.

I wrote about Rodney Parker way back in the infancy of this site. So there’s some history there. That counts for something, plus the $100 dollar bill inside the CD case (just kidding). But all of that familiarity doesn’t breed contempt, nor does it lessen the fact that this sounds like a damn fine record.

The song “11 Hours” is a standout track, but it’s the only one like it on the record. “11 Hours” is an atmospheric ballad that’s vocals are run through a long delay. It’s unlike a lot of the rockers on The Lonesome Dirge until the end when it kicks it up a notch. If this piques your interest find out more here.

11 Hours [Download]

3 Responses to “Rodney Parker And 50 Peso Reward – “The Lonesome Dirge” (Self-released, April 8)”

  1. Sully says:

    It is the time for this band to break out. This record will do wonders for them. Mark that.

    Great song! From a most badass band!

  2. Cowtownmike says:

    You will be hearing from these boys. Great music, meaningful lyrics and KICKASS per4mance all add up to EXPOSURE for these Texans.

    Get this album and you can tell your friends you listened to these guys from the beginning.

  3. Fischer says:

    I’ve been listening to these cats for years. They are my favorite by far. This new album is going to be unbelievably awesome. I can’t wait.