SXSW Preview – Exclusive song from The Strugglers upcoming disc “The Latest Rights” (Acuarela Records, March 18)

(Editors Note: Well, it’s almost time for SXSW and for once I’m going. So, over the next two or three weeks I’ll be previewing the shows I hope to see. This list will be unlike anyone else’s, which is one of the cool things about SXSW.)

If you love the Mountain Goats, think Jeff Tweedy is godlike, and kill for Richmond Fontaine then you’ve got to hear The Strugglers (here, here). B.R. Bickford and friends make up The Strugglers. The new album features violin from Daniel Hart and contributions from multi-instrumentalist Alex Lazara. The Latest Rights is out March 18 on Acuarela and The Strugglers will be playing SXSW at the Acuarela showcase at the Habana Canne Annex on March 14.

“Morningside Heights” has all of the elements of earlier recordings by The Strugglers, but this may be their best work to date. The use of the violin is perfect, Bickford’s vocals are rich and front and center in the mix and the lyrics are dripping with emotion and compelling imagery (“you moved to the city with the oldest daughter of a Western director”).

Morningside Heights [Download]

6 Responses to “SXSW Preview – Exclusive song from The Strugglers upcoming disc “The Latest Rights” (Acuarela Records, March 18)”

  1. Paris pAl says:

    Hi Craig,

    you may have heard that Willie P Bennett passed away last week. He was Fred Eaglesmith’s mandolin and harmonica player.

    I posted a note on my blog with a MP3 recorded in Paris when he opened for Fred two years ago.

    Feel free to use it

    Thanks for the much appreciated daily musical news

    Herve in Paris

  2. Autopsy IV says:


    I am so jealous.

    Did you buy the 600 dollar badge?

    FWIW: Try and catch Scott H. Biram & Radio Moscow…I doubt there will be much of a live for either.

  3. Craig says:

    i may not buy a badge, do you really need one?

  4. Autopsy IV says:

    Apparently it is very difficult anymore with or without the badge….I have no firsthand knowledge though. I’ve just read things here and there.

  5. chris says:

    thanks for the posting. . .

    big fan of the strugglers last release ‘you win’. . .


  6. olly says:

    The strugglers… just without voice ! Thanks for the post. I didn’t browse your complete site.. but i’m just wondering why those guys have signed Acuarela… Are they from spain ? I have been a huge fan of disbanded Migala !