SXSW Preview Pt. 3 – Kitty Daisy and Lewis

The British are coming! The British are coming!

As a proponent of Swedish music (here) I expect you might think I’d say that the Swedes will make a mark this year at SXSW. But I think that this is the year of the British band.

Kitty Daisy and Lewis are the Pipettes; if they were emulating the cool kids from the 50′s instead of the squares. They’re the Pipettes, if the Pipettes drank whiskey and listened to Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley. They’re the Pipettes, if the Pipettes weren’t an artificial media creation. They’re the Pipettes, if the Pipettes had any soul.

“Mean Son Of a Gun” is an amazing cover, but the question is can these gals write and record their own material. There are rumors of a debut full length on Sunday Best this spring, so we’ll have our answer then.

They’re playing three times so far at SXSW: March 12 for Fatfox, March 14 for British dj Rob Da Bank and March 15 for Mojo.

Mean Son Of A Gun [Download]

We Dreamed America – A Twisted Tale of British Roots and American Music
is a documentary film about the British roots scene. The thesis behind the film is that good country music can exist in the UK and that one band is going to break out of that scene soon. Lay your money on Kitty Daisy and Lewis or The Broken Family Band.

2 Responses to “SXSW Preview Pt. 3 – Kitty Daisy and Lewis”

  1. gill says:

    Theres more of us folks up for it than you might think. While we`re waiting for the breakthrough band(s) we should all tell one person a day its coming….

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