SXSW Preview Pt. 5 – New Record From Chatham County Line (Yep Roc, March 4)

Chatham County Line have made a great record. It’s one I wasn’t going to mention just because I assumed so many other music blogs would have written about it by now. But so far nothing. Out on March 4 on Yep Roc, IV continues the bluegrass based americana that the band is known for except that on the single “Chip Of A Star” the band sounds more like the roots pop of The Avett Brothers than the traditional bluegrass of Bill Monroe, Ralph Stanley et al.

It’s a beautiful song that wouldn’t be out of place on an Avett Brothers record or an acoustic side project by Wilco. The band plays SXSW on Thursday night March 13 at 11pm at The Continental Club (a perfect venue for the band; not always the case at SXSW). This will be where I’m heading the moment I get in to Austin (luggage and all!). Pre-order IV here.

Chip Of A Star [Download]

Official (cute) video for “Let It Rock” from IV

3 Responses to “SXSW Preview Pt. 5 – New Record From Chatham County Line (Yep Roc, March 4)”

  1. Charles Aikens says:

    I heard the stream of this record the other day. It is absolutely amazing!!! Soon enough, folks will understand their importance. Their songwriting is much more timeless than bands like the Avetts. “Birmingham Jail” has got to be one of the most impactful songs I have ever heard. You’re right, “Chip of a Star” is a beautiful dream. Viva CCL!!!!

  2. Dan says:

    I agree with Charles. They have a great sound. I would love to sit for an entire night listening to them, with a cool, frosty one beside me. And I’m not talking about my wife.

  3. Phil says:

    It is an insult to compare these talented guys to the Avett Brothers. Please give them more credit than that! best, – phil