Blue Friday – Moreland & Arbuckle’s “1861″ (Northern Blues, March 18)

Sometimes I think the blues genre is just completely played out. There doesn’t seem to be anything new that’s being attempted. But sometimes you can hear something that has that little spark of energy that gives you hope. Track 1 of the new cd by Moreland & Arbuckle has that spark. From the wild slide intro reminiscent of Hound Dog Taylor to the multiple cliches found in the lyrics, this song breaks no new ground but it does so with such enthusiasm and verve that it’s hard not to sit back, tap your foot and smile.

1861 is out now and can be purchased here.

Gonna Send Ya Back To Georgia [Download]

P.S. The fine music blogs Hero Hill and Nine Bullets jumped right on these guys. So to get even more perspective (and a couple more songs) check out the links above.

2 Responses to “Blue Friday – Moreland & Arbuckle’s “1861″ (Northern Blues, March 18)”

  1. H. D. Taylor says:

    It’s “reminiscent of Hound Dog Taylor” because he wrote it.


  2. Craig says:

    see I told you it sounded like Hound Dog, I knew that song sounded familiar, still and all,it’s a nice version

    cheers to you HD