Honky-Tonk Friday – David Serby’s Incredible Story And His New Song “Permanent Position”

(David Serby with his biological father Peter Canton)

David Serby’s had quite a week but it’s no match for the life he’s already lived. See, Serby’s life story became page one news in the L.A. Times this week and then the story was syndicated throughout the country as well ( I read it in the Chicago Tribune). It’s a story that will bring a tear to your eye about a son in search of his biological parents and long lost brother. To sum up: David’s parents gave him and his brother up for adoption. Although his parents were not married at the time, they eventually did marry. David began his quest to find his parents when his adopted father passed away. During the quest to find his parents he learned for the first time that he had a brother. He eventually found his brother and his biological parents and the reunion happened. Click on the link to read the story in greater detail and by a writer with actual skill.

The twist, and how it relates to Songs:Illinois, is that David Serby is an acclaimed singer-songwriter of the California school of alt-country (heavily influenced by the Bakersfield sound)(he’s got friends like Mike Stinson and Dave Gleason). Turns out that he’s always been musically inclined, despite his adoptive parents lack of musical talent. Stranger still, once he found his father he learned that he’d been playing country music in juke joints and VFW halls for decades.

I’m thrilled to be the first to share with you this new song from David Serby which will appear on a forthcoming record due out in July. The song is called “Permanent Position” and basically describes Norm Peterson’s character (played by George Wendt) in the 80′s comedy Cheers and Norm’s attitude on life. Which in a nutshell is: if only you could get paid to sit on a barstool, drink beer, and shoot the shit.

You can purchase either of David Serby’s available records here or here through Miles Of Music.

Permanent Position [Download]

“The Grass Is Always Bluer”

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  3. Sara says:

    If you could contact me via email, I would greatly like to discuss the possibility of find some Win Stracke. It’s a terribly long story that I’d be happy to expound on but it begins in Illinois and ends in Korea.