LoFi country-punk from Tony Wain And The Payne – “Hump The Drum”

Hey there, here’s some straight talk for ya. I’ve got solicitations to write about every minor and major release out at the moment (and then on up through May), but I’m bored with each and every overproduced one of them (no offense…sorry pr folks). Luckily somehow last night in a very odd case of six degrees of separation I came across Tony Wain And The Payne.

Tony Wain and co. walk the fine line between being quaint hobo’s and outright hoodlums. Their MySpace page says they met in the local Ashville, N.C. drunk tank and I don’t think there is an once of irony to be found in that statement.

The songs below are rough demos, but I expect the finished product will sound very similar to this. This is lofi country performed by a generation that missed out on the punk movement but is still willing to fly the freak flag high. Impossibly these guys have a live date on their docket this week – so if you’re down in Ashville catch the band at Harvest Records at 8pm on March 27.

Vine Street Rag [Download]

Hump The Drum [Download]

3 Responses to “LoFi country-punk from Tony Wain And The Payne – “Hump The Drum””

  1. franklen says:

    This is the kind of music that I read music blogs to find. Great post! And keep ‘em coming!

  2. [...] of my randomnest discoveries of earlier this year was the really rough and lofi honky-tonk of Tony Wain And The Pain (here). Their early demos were some of the least produced, most boozy, ramshackle gorgeous things [...]

  3. tony wain says:

    we’re (tony wain and the payne) releasing a record and touring this year.

    soft opening, bad ways, and body of john the baptist should be with us on many ventures.

    we hope to hit lexington kentucky, atlanta georgia, chattanooga tennesse, and various places in north carolina frequently.

    who do i contact about sending our record to?

    who contacts us about buying a record?

    will we have records when we’re touring?

    will we be drunk enough to finish a song while we’re sobering up?